Single Speed FF System

The Shimano Front Freewheel (FFS) was a proprietary bicycle drivetrain design of the 1970s that placed a freewheel between the pedal cranks and the front chainrings — enabling the rider to shift gears while coasting.[1] FFS rear freewheel is different than a standard freewheel because it's "stiff" with more friction than a normal rear freewheel. It will slip if necessary however, to stop the chain in the event of, for example, a clothing tangle — which could otherwise lead to injuries of the leg by the drivetrain, crashing of the bicycle, or both. *text from wikipedia

Miche fixed gear achterwiel

Het FFsystem van Shimano, Front freewheel. voorblad, aangepast als enkelblad

Brooks racezadel

De fiets is momenteel zonder remmen. Deze kunnen natuurlijk altijd nog gemonteerd worden.

  • Prijs — €525,-
  • Merk — Veloi d'Anvers Custom
  • Bouwjaar — 2018
  • Oorsprong — Nederland
  • Kleur(en) — Celeste blauw/groen
  • Type fiets — single speed
  • Frame maat — 57
  • Velg maat — 700c (28")
  • Conditie — herbouwd (oud frame, nieuwe onderdelen)